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    IT solution

    Designing and developing innovative products that exceed expectations, focused on quality, user experience and customer satisfaction, therefore speeding up companies/organizations growth. 

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    Business Processes Management

    With proven capabilities, state-of-the-art process management and modeling tools, we sustainably ensure the process quality of our customers' business models.

    Our services cover process mining, workflow design/management.


    ERP Implementation

    Impelment and maintaine ERP systems into companies/organizations in a way that allows them to shed their disparate systems and unlock deeper visibility into company data and processes.

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    Cyber Security

    We offer a comprehensive cyber security solutions to help organizations stay ahead of cyber threats, meet compliance standards and maintain compliance on an ongoing basis.

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    We offer management , technology, industry and functional consulting services to help companies and organizations address their most complex business issues.

    We also help our clients through the execution phase .


    As Adim company is very professional in delivering its services, many international companies trusted It and have established a pratnership with us.

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    Sama Partners

    SAMA PARTNERS is a Mannheim-based consulting company founded in 2010 by IT experts with different industry expertise. The delivery model of SAMA PARTNERS encloses consulting services, managed security services as well as solution development services with focus on cyber & information security.